Work with me

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I'm a fully accredited personal and business coach based in London, running 1 to 1 sessions with private clients. I work face to face (when allowed!), over the phone or via Zoom/Skype to enable change, re-frame mindsets and facilitate growth.


We'll be focusing on confidence, motivation and tackling your limiting beliefs to make sure you create, and live the life you dream of.

I work with wonderful humans from all walks of life, creatives and small business owners. What do they have in common? They are committed to unlocking their true potential, embrace their gift and take up the space they deserve.

Does that resonate with you?

When you work with me I act as a guiding light - you have all the answers within you. Embarking on a coaching journey with me means you are ready to dig deep within yourself to become the best version of yourself. Use your voice, break barriers, feel empowered, and give yourself permission to flourish.

Coaching packages

Following your free introduction call we'll jointly agree on a package that fits your needs. I usually recommend a bundle of three to six sessions to get you started. You can also pick one of the following packages.
One-off coaching session - £75
  • 90 minute session
  • Great to get clarity on a specific topic or project
  • Usually conducted through Zoom, Skype or telephone (face to face will resume in late 2021)
Three months coaching package - £440
  • Six 90 minute coaching sessions, every two weeks for three months
  • Email and voice note support in between sessions (9-5pm week days only)
  • Great if it's your first experience with coaching, and you want to experience a quick transformation
Six months coaching package - £880
  • Twelve 90 minute coaching sessions, every two weeks for six months
  • Email and voice note support in between sessions (9-5pm week days only)
  • Great for a more in depth transformation and to support you in several areas of your life

What to expect on your coaching journey

  • The Now: we'll start by looking at your current situation, define the context.
  • The You: we'll focus on goal setting and discuss where you want to get to.
  • The Hurdles: we'll identify what is blocking you and stopping you from getting to The You.
  • The Shift: we'll dig deeper and break down the self limiting beliefs/unhelpful narratives you live by.
  • The Process: we'll plan how you can now achieve your goals.
  • The Commitment: embracing the mindset shift your have just experienced to keep growing.