Your free procrastination workbook

The majority of us struggle with procrastination but we might not actually know where it really comes from. Find out the four complex sources of procrastination and understand which one is more dominant for you.

Use the reflection prompts to dig deeper and start rewiring your brain. If you feel stuck, book yourself on a free intro call and we'll chat!

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I've created this super easy confidence planner so you can start boosting your confidence on your own.


The goal is for you to slowly take tiny steps outside your comfort zone. By challenging yourself you will start shifting your energy and mindset. This is where you grow!

Free core values exercise book

I've created this core values exercise book for you to start your coaching journey on your own, identify your purpose and figure out how to live your life authentically, because that's where the magic happens!

Start by identifying your core to the core values if you don't know them already and put some time aside to continue the exercises. At the end you should have more clarity and you might already experience mindset shift. 

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